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I am excited to announce our next workshop on November 13, 2013 at 7pm: ‘Move from PASSION to ACITON’ with Dr. Julie Miller. Dr Julie is a sought-after professional speaker, business owner and author of “Secrets of Self Starters.” In our workshop she will unveil the secrets to self-starting your business. Join us as Julaine Smith, our founder, hosts this inspirational and practical workshop to help you “get off the couch” and build your socially responsible business.
You can register here:
I hope to see you here!

There must be a…

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There must be a reason (or) why we meet people and why each person has a purpose in our life.

A vision that once was alive in the past has been reborn today. 


“Life’s a trip….

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“Life’s a trip. Be FEARLESS, COURAGEOUS, AND DETERMINED. Find what triggers you, your passion, and intuition. You can never go wrong when you follow your heart”.-Rubelyn Chu

I was inspired by the photo of me Skydiving and the end result was the quote above.

Diamond HeadIMG_0222

5 Amazing Underwater Encounters

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This is awesome Lesley!

I don’t want to…

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I don’t want to like you so I’m going to ignore you.

Mind going, emotions speaking. 

Calling all entrepreneurs and early startups in the Greater Seattle Area!

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I wanted to invite you all to a workshop that is happening Wednesday, October 23rd in Kirkland, WA from 7pm-9pm!

You’ll hear from Founder/Owner of Swag and Valor Underwear, Doug Hill, who recently  raised $500k from Angel Inevstors.

Registration and more valuable information here:


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I was able to hike Diamond Head in Hawaii. Here one of many photos I have on my phone.
The view was spectacular! Most of the photos I took was with my iPhone5. I guess I didn’t want to drag my Nikon around. To heavy! During this trip, I had some reflection time and I have never been so GRATEFUL for family.

I have been blessed to go on this trip to Hawaii. Most people dream of the Islands, but I on the other hand know that I am grateful for the memories I’ve created.
My apologies, I haven’t been blogging as much. I am more active on Twitter! Follow me @RubelynChu.

I will do my best to keep up with this blog as I know this platform will reach people all over the world & I hope it will inspire you all to keep fighting to dream!